How to succeed at your SugarCRM Project ?

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After a long and tiring search, you found the solution you need. Now, the question is how to successfully deploy SugarCRM? Here, we will provide you some advice for a successful SugarCRM Project. Your CRM integration si important and we will help you.

3 P method

In order to ensure the success of your project, we will provide you with our expert advice to help with your software management project. You must take this into account for a successful  project and user adoption. 

It consist of 3 points:

  • "P" for Pleasure : The SugarCRM deployment must be achieved with an ergonomic aspect. The use must be simple, easy, and adaptable. Its design is as important as your dashboard. The possibility to customize your screen is also important. With the newest SugarCRM version, you have access to widgets accessiblefrom your smartphone.

  • "P" for Productivity : The user must be able to retrieve all relevant information needed easily and quickly, in multiple formats they may request. In a few clicks you have access to all the information you need to start your work   The advantage of SugarCRM, with its open-source aspect, is that it can become the main software in your information system by connecting it with other software.

  • "P" for Push it : The users must understand it's a strategic company project and that management must be fully engaged in the project. The best way is to involve the key decision makers in the project, which will officially launch the project.

  • Be crazy, we add a fourth "P" for Pay it. You can adapt your sales pay plan by taking into account the availability of quality data and the features of the SugarCRM software. Picture yourself at an after-work party celebrating the success of the sales teams after taking advantage of the CRM's capablities.

Find the right SugarCRM Partner

Your SugarCRM Project is very important for the success of your company. This project must have good analysis and support. Choosing the right SugarCRM partner is crucial to your organization. These are the criteria for the selection of partners:

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Partner experience : is the partner you are choosing an established company with an excellent reputation and deep expertise? A good way to verify this is to check the number of SugarCRM deployments.

Type of customers : what kind of customers has the partner done work with? Small and Medium-sized businesses or  large enterprise organizations ? Your SugarCRM partner will better anticipate and address your needs if it already has customers like you.

What implementation method does your SugarCRM partner use:  Did they enhance your business performance and create market value for your company? It's essential to ask yourself this question in order to be happy at the end of the project.

What kind of partner relationship do they have with SugarCRM : is it an effective partnership relationship? Are there common actions? If there is a real connection, it's an advantage for you because this would mean that your partner has a real expertise in SugarCRM, which is crucial to your overall success and can elevate its future evolution. 

Training, essential in the change management process of your company

This step is essential for your SugarCRM project. You will implement a procedure that will deeply modify the sales process of your company. In the case that you deploy SugarCRM for 100 users, the early adopters of the software , approximately 10%, will fully welcome and trust the new product and its advantages. However, for the vast majority of the 90% highly skeptical to change and risk-averse, they will need to be reassured of the adoption of new software.  

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First of all, we highly recommend that you involve all your management from the start of project. The company's management and its teams can become the best sponsor internally of SugarCRM.

Secondly, you should train the  company's power user before they start deploying SugarCRM in order to reduce any delays,  errors, and ensure 100% of its effectiveness.    

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