10 essentials SugarCRM features

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Choose SugarCRM, it's the insurance for your sales manager and their sales team. A solution definitely adapted to their expectations and needs.

CIO : Find here the 10 essential SugarCRM features to satisfy your SFA and to be confident in your CRM Project.

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1. Activity indicators

A sales manager expects his CRM software to bring him a clear vision of the activity of his team. He needs to follow the work of his sales rep, using indicators such as the number of meetings, number of new leads, number of phone calls or number of sent quotes.

SugarCRM allows you to create and customize your dashboard the way you want it. It's the end of generic homepages : now, you have your own homepage with all the information you need for your sales manager.

2. Sales forecast

Beyond the sales activity, your sales manager will be looking at your sales numbers. CRM will identify the sales numbers, the margins and the industry with the best return on investment.

The SugarCRM dashboard allows him to select specific criteria in order to identify areas of focus. Even better, the CRM provides him with a complete forecast of the commercial portfolio for the coming months, in order to anticipate actions regarding products and services.

3. Manage sales strategy

Executive leadership regularly sets goals for the sales manager. While goals may be quantitative in nature and tracked through specific key performance indicators, they are mostly qualitative.

SugarCRM allows you to easily track qualitative goals, and customize your dashboard, by crossing multiple data streams originating from the CRM. Your sales manager can share a personalized dashboard in each sales meeting to motivate his team and drive further success. The dashboard can help identify situations where global sales results are excellent, but some goals are at risk of missing the target.

As your qualitative goals are defined, they become reasonable and attainable. This allows your sales manager to have better tracking management of his team. This allow your sales manager to have a good tracking et a good management of his team.

4. Manage activities

Beyond sales management, your role as a CIO is to ensure that each CRM user can correctly manage his or her activities to achieve personal sales goals and quotas.

SugarCRM is optimized to allow users to focus on their area of the business. It can also be configured for different levels (CIO, Sales, Helpdesk, end user) in order to maximize productivity, help achieve and work on a common mission by following a well-defined and detailed process guided by the superior tools SugarCRM application offers.

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5. Alerts

Alerts represent another area of strength of SugarCRM and Captivea where users can create and customize a specific module for managing alerts.

Simple alerts, like a task reminder, are standard in SugarCRM. Additionally, your sales manager will have access to powerful functional alerts which can be created by your SugarCRM Partner or yourself. These functional alerts can help detect and alert when specific exceptions occur.

For example, an opportunity which is set to close within three months but lacks critical information can be flagged. In another scenario, a marquee customer who has not been visited for over 6 months but has been a source of over 450k in revenue can also trigger an alert..

The alert level is another powerful feature. You can define the first level to only send to the user. If the alert is not resolved or resolution delayed, this alert is escalated to the resource manager and ultimately the sales manager. This will provide you with the confidence you need knowing that all alerts are being addressed efficiently and in a timely manner.

6. Design

Microsoft Excel has long been considered an antiquated tool by successful teams. To Maximize your project's chances for success, you must deploy a modern software that can easily evolve and adapt to the new challenges of your market space. 

SugarCRM's greatest strength is the wealth of features that can help you customize your application to meet new challenges and solve new business problems. SugarCRM is extremely user-friendly, feature-rich, and an intuitive software. In fact, SugarCRM's ease of use can make its adoption across your user population faster, while increasing user satisfaction, and productivity. With SugarCRM, you can exceed the expectations of your own sales management team by deploying the best and easiest CRM product on the market.

7. 360° Vision and collaborative

SugarCRM allows you to have a 360° view of your customer: opportunities, invoices, contacts, activities, cases, email messages, interactions, ...

CRM software should always be collaborative. The ease by which you can connect SugarCRM to your data sources will impress you. Since this is an open source solution, your supplier can develop any integration for your specific software.

Access to a collaborative 360° view does not add to the complexity of the solution. With SugarCRM, Marketing and sales teams have access to the same data reference, but from a different point of view.

SugarCRM is accessible from your desktop or your smartphone

8. Mobility

SugarCRM is an  ATAWAD solution (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device) and as such,

your sales manager can be assured that the sales  team can access the CRM without constraint and restrictions.  

Furthermore, sales can not only access their data, but also create and modify it without requiring a ‘live’ connection to the server by easily and securely working in an offline mode.

9. Scalability

We would be amiss if we do not mention the amazing SugarCRM scalability.  CIOs understand the need to select a strategic software like CRM which would not require a major yearly overhaul as new business challenges arise requiring new technology solutions.

As businesses grow organically, they can also face an ever-evolving market space which requires a CRM software than can quickly respond to these challenges. The answer is simply SugarCRM which has been developed with a focus on scalability allowing you to quickly adapt and respond to the need of your sales team with no technical or functional limitations.

10. Devoted partner

Last but not least, the quality of your SugarCRM partner is critical to the success of your SugarCRM project.  

We at Captivea have the pride and the honor to be a privileged partner of SugarCRM for 10 years.  During this time , we deployed more than 120 SugarCRM projects to happy customers around the globe.

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