Zendesk integration: how to choose the best partner?

Captivea LLC, Desi Csorba

No doubt  about it, it is Zendesk that you want to professionalize your after-sales service. However, you have neither the time nor the skills to integrate it directly into your company. It is therefore time to start looking for an zendesk integrator. Here are our tips for choosing one!

Tip #1 - Benchmark the market

First of all, it is necessary to benchmark the market. Don't just survey the integrators in your network. Don't throw yourself on the most famous integrator either, it is possible that it doesn't correspond at all to your expectations.

Define your selection criteria and build your short list accordingly.

Tip #2 - Choose a partner who has knowledge of the entire information system

Choose a partner who has a global vision of the IS: from ERP to CRM, including web development technologies such as Symfony. Indeed, thanks to this 360° vision, he will be able to propose the best possible technical and strategic adjustments to connect your Zendesk software to all the applications of your Information System.

Tip #3 - Choosing a partner with the best methodology

For the successful deployment of this new project, it is essential to follow a well-tried methodology. At Captivea, we talk about the STELAR method:

  • Solid: 10 years of experience and more than 200 projects completed

  • Target: the success of the project Efficient: in search of the efficiency of your project

  • Lean: we focus on the essentials

  • Adoption: the appropriation of the software by your employees is our priority

  • ROI: the return on investment is of course always in our minds The real advantage of the method

STELAR is agility, essential for any Helpdesk project!

Tip #4 - Choose a partner who will support you throughout the project

Often in connection with the methodology, favor a partner capable of challenging you on your project, proposing suitable developments, and above all training your employees in the use of your software.

Finally, find out about post-deployment support to ensure that you receive assistance even when the project is completed.

Tip #5 - Choosing the best team

The deployment of Zendesk is strategic for your company's performance. It is therefore important that everything goes according to plan. Your integrator will be one of the keys to the success of this project.

It is therefore important to be on the same wavelength as your interlocutor. Do not hesitate to meet the teams of your future partner and get to know them before making your choice.

Tip #6 - Choose an official Zendesk integrator partner

Many integrators say they are able to support you in your Zendesk project. However, few are officially approved by the publisher. Therefore, choose one of its official partners, who guarantee expertise on the famous after-sales service solution.

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