Digital transformation with Odoo: an ERP made for you?

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It's decided, you want to accelerate your digital transformation using an ERP. Good decision! However, which solution to choose from all the available software? Among the major players on the market, Odoo seems to us to be the most relevant and efficient solution to support you. We will explain why.

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Odoo: a modular solution

Admittedly, the essential characteristics of an ERP system are that it covers many layers of business management. Thus, all ERPs are complete solutions....

However, Odoo has the advantage of offering a multitude of modules, covering extremely precise needs, but very fast to implement.

As your digitization needs evolve, you can add new Odoo bricks to your interface. They are distributed according to the company's departments.

Whether it is sales representatives (electronic signature, mobile application available offline, automated email campaigns for specific segments, pipeline management, multi-addresses, generation of sales statistics), project managers (Kanban, Gantt, shared agendas, deadlines management) or HR managers (centralization and dematerialization of recruitment, annual evaluations, HR expenses, absences, expense reports, etc.), each business will benefit

Maximum customization

Odoo is a real "chameleon" ERP. By its nature as an open source solution, it is the essence of Odoo to match perfectly with each of the companies that use the tool for its management. Its customization possibilities are maximum.

For example, regarding e-commerce, even if Odoo offers its own dedicated platform, the integration of your pre-existing marketplace (Prestashop, Magento, Shopify, etc.) is made easier.

In terms of inventory management, Odoo provides customizable alert features to immediately report any disruption that may affect the proper management of your inventory. Carrier strikes, bad weather, power cuts. You can create alerts on products or suppliers that will appear when a seller creates a quote. 

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An interface thought of as "end user".

Odoo has the undeniable advantage of being pleasant and intuitive to use. Indeed, the solution has a very ergonomic interface, which is one of its main strengths.

In other words, it is a "user-centric" ERP that will ensure an easy handling for your teams. On each of the applications proposed by Odoo, the operation is understood in a few clicks, no need for long hours of training...

With a modular layout, almost infinite customization possibilities, and exceptional ergonomics, we believe that Odoo is the best ERP to support you in your digital transformation.
Of course, even if we have only retained 3 advantages in this post, there are still many reasons why you should adopt Odoo. To discover them, do not hesitate to discuss them with a Captivea consultant!

A lot of companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.

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