7 reasons to choose Zendesk software

Captivea France, Célia JAY

The interest of a helpdesk software for your customer service is well established (see our post on the subject "Why equip yourself with a customer support software?") ! However, there are many solutions on the market and it is not always easy to choose. On our side, after having surveyed the market in search of the most complete software for our customers, we decided to enter into a partnership with Zendesk. Let me explain why!

omnichannel customer service

Reason #1 - For omnichannel customer service

Zendesk allows you to optimize your after-sales service to create a quality customer experience. To do this, it is not enough for you to communicate with them via several communication channels, but it is also necessary to unify all these channels to create consistency in your after-sales service.

Zendesk centralizes all customer data in a single place, so you never lose track of your customer: the context, previous exchanges, different requests... Thus, chatbot, email, phone and social networks are now one!

Reason #2 - For its ergonomic interface

If the relationships with your customers are sometimes complex, it is necessary that the use of your

helpdesk application is easy Zendesk therefore offers an intuitive interface, built according to the field issues faced by your employees.  Thus, a few days of handling the platform are enough for the use of Zendesk to become natural.

ergonomic interface
zendesk and quality features

Reason #3 - For the quality of its features

Get all the features you need for an efficient helpdesk: from ticket management to instant messaging. Zendesk allows you to choose the mandatory or optional fields for your forms, to classify tickets by category or to create a guide for your customers, so that they can solve their problems independently, and thus reduce the number of requests for your agents.

Reason #4 - For connection with other applications in your information system

Zendesk software is a long-term bet. In order to meet the demands of its customers, the company is constantly developing applications to connect Zendesk to all your internal tools: e-commerce, emailing platforms, social networks...

To date, more than 700 applications are available. In addition, you can also set up connectors (or APIs) to connect it to your IS.

connection with other applications in IS

Reason #5 - For its activity reports

Customer service is an important and essential source of data for the company. Indeed, returns are used by marketing, R&D, sales and production departments: which products have generated the most complaints, which are the most common problems...

Zendesk software allows you to generate customized reports in a few clicks. As a result, all your teams have access to these data, allowing your company to improve customer satisfaction as a whole.

Reason #6 - For its adaptability to all companies

Whatever the size of your company or your field of activity, Zendesk adapts to all your needs. Thanks to its many references in different sectors, the software meets all the classic needs of a customer service department.

For more specific needs, there are also integrators specialized in the solution (such as Captivea).


Reason #7 - For accessibility on mobile phones and tablets

Aware that the company is constantly evolving, that workspaces are no longer compartmentalized and that teleworking is developing more and more, Zendesk can be used on computers, smartphones or tablets. Your agents can therefore carry out their duties, even in a mobile situation.

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